100 Books of Awesome

Every time a list of 100 book that alternately “everyone should read” or “everyone probably hasn’t read” goes around Facebook, I take a look.  Usually, I feel pretty darn good that I’ve read a good deal of them.  However, without exception*, I have found that these lists are less about what should be read and a test of the reader’s education level.  Many of these books should not be read, in my opinion, except in the pursuit of education.  There are a great deal of books that would never be found in a classroom that I feel like should be read by everyone and would be a lot more enjoyable experience than these stupid academic-bogged lists.  So, I thought I should begin compiling my own. Though I will put these in an order I am somewhat okay with, I am sure the very day I finish, I will want to fiddle around with the order more.  The only spot that will never move (and the only one currently occupied) is #1. There is no book more intrinsic to the person I grew up to be than that book.

  1. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

*Some co-workers of mine found a list with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  I am not a vehement Meyer-hater like some (don’t love her either), but in no way shape or form should she be on a top 100 books to read list.  But, since my co-workers found the list and not I, I can still make this claim.


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