Seven weeks in . . . well, seven books anyway.

Well, seeing as I’ve been doing this for about a month and I’ve caught up and am on a regular schedule with my reading.  I have finished seven books in the seven weeks of the new year and have decided it’s time to do an entry on what it’s been like thus far.  I’ve found that my reactions have been three-fold:

1) The simple fact that I am keeping my resolution just brings the most wonderful feeling of accomplishment.  Because of that, the reading isn’t a chore.  I fully expected it to feel like a chore for the first little while, but it hasn’t in the least.  There are books that I’ve been surprised how long they’ve taken me to read, but there’s never been a time that I’ve actually hated doing this.

2) My taste in books is far more eclectic than I’ve allowed it to be in recent years.  As you will find, I enjoy fantasy and classical mythology quite a bit.  However, historical fiction (historical anything, actually) and biographies have often been just as appealing.  I just don’t think about them that often.  My access and circle of reading companions aren’t as centered on those genres, so I’m not.  I also tend to gravitate toward authors, and that vastly determines what I read.  If I break out of these patterns, I find myself enjoying my books more.  Variety is the soul of delight.

3) This goal really is changing my attitude toward reading.  Reading isn’t about whipping through books.  It doesn’t take a genius to do that, just someone with a fast reading pace (though, I’m grateful that I have that).  This goal is teaching me that I don’t really know what reading is about.  What I do know is that I need to think more about what I’m reading and this is helping me to.  Though my “pleasure reading” is taking a back seat, I’m still quite happy with what I am reading for my “regular reading” through this goal.

I’ll check in in another couple of months!


P.S.  I feel obligated to add a fourth reaction, but I think this has less of anything to do with my reading and more to do with me being me: 4) The blogging schedule is only a sort of thing.  I’m not happy with this, so I’m trying to learn to keep it better.  Not perfectly, but better.

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