Something to celebrate. :D

Okay, I really did not mean to do a “Journey” check-in so soon.  Seriously.  But I’ve had a break-through!!!  This week I’ve been reading Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.  It’s a good read and, when I actually sit down to read it, it goes by pretty fast.  But, for some odd reason, I’ve been having trouble engaging in the book.

So much trouble that I had the horrible thought, for just one moment, that I could SparkNotes Heart of Darkness.  After all, no one would know.  It’s just me doing this.  I’ve read about half the novel, and could even push myself to the midpoint before breaking down and reading the rest of it in summary.  I might even push a little past it so that I could rightly say I’ve read more than half the book.  Who’s really paying attention anyway?

Then I realized: me.

I’m paying attention.  This whole deal is for me and even though I’m having trouble slogging through a book I’m enjoying, even though I feel silly for putting a novel’s worth of effort in for a novella, even though I really do need to move onto this week’s book, I need to finish this one out.  I need to do this for me.  This week, I finally realized the importance of my project.

How awesome is that?!  I feel like the journey has really begun.  My brain  has finally engaged.  I’m awake in my library again.  The mission has been accomplished and yet barely started.

How very exciting.


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