Much as I would love to spend all night writing reviews

I do need some sleep before I leave for England later today.  In fact, in less than twelve hours I will be on the road to the airport.

SO!   Here’s  the deal:  I will do my very utmost to get the reviews for the series I read in advance for the trip done tomorrow/later today.  Since it’s a series and since I’m crunched for time, they’re likely to be much much shorter.  The series deserves better, but I’d rather get something done than nothing.

When I get home from my England/Sweden trip, I will do two posts a week, one for the books I read the past three weeks in addition to the books for the next three weeks, one for the book I am reading that week.

Enjoy and apologies.


Series book 1

Series book 2

Series book 3

Flowers for Algernon by David Keyes

Home by Julie Andrews

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren (yeah, I read this in prep for Sweden–it was fun!)

Thanks!  Night.



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