State of the Bookcase address

Dear readers, if there are any of you left (assuming there were some in the first place),

The State of the Bookcase is: dismantled and a teensy bit neglected.  I’ve been in the process of moving for two months now (last of the issues is clearing up – finally going to be moved in XD) and I have been in the process of re-shelving for several months, dealing with a backlog of new additions that had never been put in their proper shelf home . . . only to be uprooted before they could collect a respectable amount of dust for greener pastures (or – in this case – larger, fancier shelves).

I am sad to say there is no way to make my goal for this year. I got too far behind after returning from Europe to get to my goal of a book a week.  However, the good news is that this year shows a markéd improvement in my reading habits.  I still need to do more reading and I’m going to try again next year.  Until then, I’m going to review one of the many books I’ve read over the past months that I never actually put up on the website.  All of these books will go under the “Weeds Reviews” because I would hate to do a book that fulfills the goal a disservice by shunting it into the category of “What-I’m-doing-to-bide-my-time-until-the-new-year-starts.”  Besides, it’ll give me an excuse to read these books again when I do get back to more Book Reviews than Weed Reviews.

Also, I am happy to say that these reviews will not be the long reviews that I constantly try to avoid in the Weeds because I am in the middle of the first day of NaNoWriMo!  Soon, I will be deeply committed to finishing my 50,000 words, rather than just getting the first of the ideas and plot down (someone help me if a sub-plot shows up this early).  I have every faith and confidence that NaNo will keep me busy through November and hopefully teach me the restraint I have been so pathetically trying to capture in previous Weeds Reviews.

Good luck to you writers, and see you on Friday!