Back in Business

So, it’s been a while. And a lot has changed.

Here’s the deal: the blog gets to change, too.

This will still be a review blog, but – as you can see – it’s not just about books anymore. It’s about books AND games. I back a lot of games on Kickstarter and watch Geek and Sundry’s Table Top show (also, gaming is how I met my future husband). I’m part of the Early Reviewers program on LibraryThing. I love books. I love games. And I LOVE sharing them.

So, it’s time for a change. It’s time to expand. I’ll be cross posting my reviews from LibraryThing and I’ll be writing, once a month, a game review. First of the Kickstarter games I’ve backed and received, then some of the favorites I’ve learned and loved along the way. Keep an eye out, my loves!

[><] & [::]

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