Perfect Pitch by Mindy Klasky

This book is a prequel to a book I received through LibraryThing’s Early Review Program.

I LOVE Mindy Klasky. I was first introduced to her through Early Reviews with her As You Wish series and when I won the second book in the Diamond Brides series for this month’s Early Review, it was a NO BRAINER to get the first one.

It’s good. It’s not the quality I expect of Klasky. This is NOT to say I have no intentions of reading the rest of the books (I SO DO – this series was written for me, I swear). It’s just not as good as the two books of hers I have previously read. It’s a slow start to what will be a fantastic series (having read two more books in the series, I can say this with confidence).

I think my biggest issue with this book is, while it’s a bunch of fun, it kind of skated over some really important issues in the name of making the romance happen by the final page. I appreciate that the purpose of this series is romance, but I felt like some issues between the main characters and the main male lead and the son were not given their proper due.

Also, the main characters knew each other for all of TWO MONTHS (maybe) when they got engaged. I know, I know, the series is called Diamond Brides. But COME ON. No history to engaged in two months? Woof.

That being said, I LOVE baseball romances. It’s a crazy niche genre and YET I’ve run into it before and am SO GLAD I’ve run into it a second time. I’m so looking forward to the rest of the series and YOU JUST WATCH ME rip through them time and again.

B- (good writing, fun story, super appealing to my tastes; slow start to a series, hand waving of important issues, somewhat rushed relationship)

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