Catching Hell by Mindy Klasky

I received this book through Library Thing’s Early Review program.

I KNEW THIS SERIES WOULD GET BETTER. (Sorry, had to get that out of the way.)

I still love Mindy Klasky, I still love baseball, I still love that this series is going in position order. I hate that I have to wait until next Sunday to get a shot at the next book and until November until I get the final book in this series.

I felt like this book improved a LOT on the issues from the series starter, PERFECT PITCH. First of all, the relationship of the characters is better established and feels less rushed. Second, there was more baseball in this one and I loved it. The politics of playing and club house antics fit right in. The first book felt a little more about the pageant and less about baseball. Third, the pacing of the book felt more polished.

Again, though, there was some hand waving of issues between the characters. Not everyone is going to automatically understand why another character did something. I want to see problems get solved, not just disappear.

A- (many issues with first book resolved, fun story, great characters; still feel like there was some hand-waving of important issues)

[><] & [::]

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