Agony of the Gods by Tom Wolosz

I wrote this review for the LibraryThing Early Review program.

This book was not for me. The writing in AGONY OF THE GODS is plodding and belabored with an overabundance of purple prose and ineffective inner monologues filled with angst that doesn’t feel warranted. The “her” character is unbelievably fierce and yet seems pleased to play the passive in order to obtain information, but it feels so terribly out of character from her inner monologues that it’s incomprehensible as a character decision. In the first few chapters, the “his” character CANNOT stop obsessing about the “her” character’s beauty, yet keeps reminding himself that he has more important things to do and the constant back and forth in his own head throws me out of the narrative every time. Also, this book seems to subscribe to the motto, “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and I HATE that. I don’t believe that evil and harm (particularly sexual harm) to others is the natural descent of humanity as it holds great power.

This book’s plot is interesting, but the execution turned me off.

C-: interesting premise, distinct world building; writing stilted, characters inconsistent


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