Tesseracts Eighteen: Wrestling with Gods edited by Liana Kerzner and Jerome Stueart

I wrote this review for the LibraryThing Early Review Program.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this anthology. So often, religion is treated with derision or deemed “for the other people” in speculative fiction. That’s not to say there isn’t some of that in this anthology, but that this anthology shows varied and complex views. It was not, as I feared it might be, one note. I was hoping for a few more science fiction stories and a few less fantasy stories, admittedly, but I did appreciate that many stories included more than one religion in them. Interaction between religions is as much part of religion as observance is. This is also the first anthology I’ve read that has short stories and poetry in it. The change of pace between the forms was a little jarring, but I did find one poem particularly poignant, and the switch made me pay more attention to them. I had several favorite pieces and only one or two that made me cringe at the treatment of the religion in question. This anthology is by no means perfect, but it did do what I wanted it to.

A- (diverse opinions about religions, diversity in cast and character, diversity in faiths; occasionally jarring, a couple poorly portrayed/respected faiths)

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