About the Blog

You might be here because you’re familiar with one of my other blogs.  Or maybe you’ve stumbled on this one by luck.  I don’t know, but welcome!

This blog started as a book review blog and a New Year’s Resolution. I mentioned in my first post that it was the direct result of a blog I wrote in my writing blog called “Was it Reading or Anaesthetizing?“, how much I loved reviewing books with my sister in our joint review blog, and a goal to read at least one horizon-expanding book per week in 2011. And so, a new blog was born.

Another reason: I love to write.  Clearly.  With so many empty days in my then writing schedule, I simply had to come up with a way to fill my time.  Or something like that.

And then life happened. And I went to England and Sweden that summer and worked full time when I wasn’t on the vacation of a lifetime. And taught children on Sundays. And moved out on my own for the first time since graduating college. And didn’t have internet except at work or when I visited my parents. And then, two years later (I lived without internet at home for two years!! I found out I loved it…), I moved home again to save money for a little while, only to start dating the man I will marry in November of 2014. And reading was important, but reviewing? BAH.

In that two year period, I discovered  Kickstarter’s table top gaming community, as well as Geek and Sundry’s Table Top show, hosted by Wil Wheaton. And BOY HOWDY did I just about dance my feet off. I’ve backed a ridiculous number of projects (always finding somewhere in the budget to squeeze out a few extra dollars), and many of them are games. Finding a show that introduced me to even MORE new games? HEAVEN. I’ve always loved games, board and cards especially, and want to help people learn about my favorites. So, I’ll be reviewing Kickstarter AND favorites (new and old) along the way. Also, during that time, I discovered LibraryThing, a beautiful book social media website that I like a LOT better than Goodreads. They also have a pretty decent Early Reviewers program that I participate in (more dancing). So, once a month I win a book or two, which I review by the end of the month. I’ll cross post here after I submit the reviews to LT. (I also cross post my [LibraryThing] reviews to [Goodreads] and Amazon. [Links to profiles if you want to follow them.])

This blog started as a New Year’s resolution and is now my place to talk about the two things in life I like sharing most with people: books and games. I hope you enjoy my stories and strategies!

I do have other blogs, though they’re about as active as this one (you know, life):

This is my “personal” blog, which just means I cover things that aren’t necessarily book reviews or craft related.  Sometimes I still do, but the whole reason I started this blog was to blow off steam during my senior year of college.  I’m amazed it’s lasted this long.  I try very hard to keep what I consider to be my course of study–much as I love it–away from my personal blog.  This is where I give myself time to write selfishly. (And yes, I purposely didn’t capitalise “means,” I liked the symmetry of the j-words being the only ones with capitals.)  Recently, I made the decision to blog twice a week.

This blog started as an assignment from the professor who directed my fantasy writing independent study.  Every writer who hopes to get published, it said in some article he’d read somewhere, needed a platform website.  Blogs were best, because they gave an idea of your writing.  Since publishing was the “main aim” of the course (for him, maybe), The Stories Begun happened.  But I’ve enjoyed writing about craft, event if writing about writing can feel a bit meta sometimes.

This started directly because of this blog.  I tried to read Plutarch’s Lives back when this was just a book review blog, but failed miserably.  So, I started Live-Blogging so that I would have a) a valid excuse to and b) a place to record my blogs on the Lives as I read them.  It’s basically dead, but I have a goal to post once a month on every blog once my wedding is planned (so, starting in June).  For all the English major-y blogs I have, it’s nice to have this one homage to the Classics minor in me.

As we finish the books, we post the reviews (in theory).  We need to get back on the horse. It’s time. So – keep an eye out? We’ve cobbled an explanation of the purpose and design of the site together here, so I see no need to describe it without my sister’s voice in the mix.


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