I’m starting a thing!

Another thing might be more accurate.

So, I recently sent a friend a package of much needed stuffs of which I had plenty of extras.

She said thank you by giving me two of her favorite books.

This is the BEST kind of friendship, if you didn’t know.

In the ensuing discussion, the idea of Trading Favorite Books Book Club was born. The whole concept is that a bunch of friends or strangers or acquaintances or book buddies share their favorite books. You are, of course, welcome in my book club. I might end up with more than one, even! E-mail me at rjlouiseblogging[at]gmail[dot]com and I’ll get you fitted somewhere. The internet makes this easy.

But I think it’d be awesome for there to be several of these. Get a group of buddies together. Don’t pressure yourself to read one book a month or one book a year. Just choose a book, get it from your various libraries or book vendors, and when everyone has finished, start an e-mail thread or a twitversation (and Storify that sucker). Share. Enjoy. I’m hoping to post some highlights from these discussions here, along with my reviews of the books my friends introduce to me.

And remember: Sharing a favorite book is like sharing a hidden, if not secret, part of yourself. Be nice to those secret (and maybe hidden) parts of everyone in the group.

Ready? Set: READ!

[><] & [::]