Back to Business

Okay, I am shamed. I’ve been writing the reviews for LibraryThing, but not cross-posting them. I promise, I will get those reviews scheduled to post once a week in September (and maybe bleeding into October). I’m on vacation, I will make the time to do all the nitty-gritty formatting stuffs.

The game reviews WILL start in September as well. My sister, my fiancé, and I play these games ALL THE TIME. I just need to sit down and make notes during play one of these days. Here’s the list of games I intend to review which I currently have* (in no particular order, oh gosh no):

  1. Dixit/Dixit: Journey
  2. Dicecapades
  3. Kill Dr. Lucky
  4. Quiddler
  5. Set
  6. Five Crowns
  7. Ticket to Ride: Europe
  8. The Princess Bride: Prepare to Die – KS
  9. Eight Minute Empire – KS
  10. Eight Minute Empire: Legends – KS
  11. King’s Forge – KS
  12. Magnum Opus – KS
  13. Knight’s Quest Family Card Game – KS
  14. Enigma Microgame – KS
  15. The Game of Things
  16. Seven Dragons
  17. Forbidden Island
  18. Forbidden Desert
  19. Clue (new edition)
  20. Cheater

That . . . that’s a long list. And, seeing as I am AWAY from my game closet right now, I can’t help but think there might be others. I’m dead. I was planning on doing just one a month, but that’s clearly a terrible idea. I hope my sister and the fiancé don’t mind a HUGE marathon of games.** Oof.

Also, every once in a while, I’ll do a week-long series called “What I’m Backing.” Since most of my new games come from Kickstarter, it seems like a good idea to feature the projects I back so that hopefully YOU will back them, too. I want my games! I usually back a bunch of projects at one time, then take a break for a while, hence why the series will be a week long one. I’ll be doing that soon, considering I’ve backed several projects recently.

That’s it for now, I think. I am getting married in November, so part of September will be ensuring that I have posts ready to go. Forgive me if November is a bit spotty – it’s for a good cause. See you soon!

[><] & [::]


*I have a lot – a lot – of games that I’ve backed on Kickstarter that have not yet arrived (some on schedule, some not). Until they do, I will not add them to the list so that neither you nor I have expectations that cannot be met.

** I owe a shout-out to Megan and Tony, who helped me play through many (and introduced me to some) of these games. They have, unfortunately, moved and can no longer play with Jesse, Annalisa, and I, but they were also a big part of the fun and the process.