What I’m Backing: Happy Dragons! by Nina Bolen

A note: This was supposed to post on Tuesday, but was delayed for the write-up on a project that a) was ending sooner and b) I felt more strongly about. If you see any references that seem out of continuity, that’s why. Thanks for being patient with me.

Hey there, it’s Wednesday, best day of the week! The timing’s great because, I’m not going to lie, this project makes me irrationally happy. This will be the last “What I’m Backing” post for a couple weeks, and while I might not have saved the best for last, I sure did save the CUTEST!

Today’s feature is Happy Dragons! Whimsical Dragon Sculptures by Nina Bolen. Basic stats* below:

  • Goal: $1,000
  • Funding Status: fully funded; all ten stretch goals hit
  • Total Backers: 120+
  • Interesting Stretch Goals: YES!
  • When Did I Jump In: About halfway through, well after funding.

Okay, I feel awful about this, but the reason I’m backing this can be boiled down to one word:


It’s really that simple.

No. Really.

Really really.

Okay, I’ll stop now.**

I grew up on Anne McCaffrey, Jane Yolen, The Jewel Kingdom books, Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, and more. I wrote dragon stories. Then I read as many as I could of the amazing books with dragons in them as an adult. I was, am, and will be a dragon freak. I could talk about the adorable concept art. I could talk about the birthstone dragons stretch goal (and how I am SO SAD I am not a March baby and how I desperately hope July’s pose is as cute). I could talk about the stretch goal we’ve yet to reach being full of more squee-causing cuteness and fun features. I could talk about I could talk about the mock-ups looking so good. I could go on at length about how this rings all my nerdy bells and how it’s my first time backing an art project.

But really, mentioning them is enough because, while these are all really good parts of the campaign, the reason I threw money at this campaign was because it was DRAGONS. I am an unabashed dragon lover. To the point that, when it looked like our original cake topper was destroyed (thankfully not, as it is a family heirloom), my fiancé and I looked at several custom dragon bride and groom sculpture options. Dragons are AWESOME and I cannot WAIT to get my Happy Dragon.

*As of posting 9/24 at 12:00 Mountain Time.


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