What I’m Backing: Punnies by Llyn Hunter

Okay, I’m a sucker for puns. A HUGE sucker for puns. And the only category I come close to backing as much as I back games is publishing. So, when I saw Punnies by Llyn Hunter, it was kind of a no-brainer.


  • Goal: $11,000
  • Funding Status: partially funded, ~72%
  • Total Backers: 190+
  • Interesting Stretch Goals: Two stretch goals for expanding the amount of art in the book.
  • When Did I Jump In: In the first couple days.

And now, of course, why I backed the project.

Again: Art. I love supporting good, fun, quirky art as much as I love a well-designed game.

Puns. I grew up in a family whose sense of humor consists of ALL THE PUNS. It’s somewhat disturbing actually. So, with that in mind, seeing the puns take visual form in pretty, pretty art was a strong draw. Also, I’m a big fan of the table art book. It’s a great way to set a mood in a room and I feel like having a book of puns in my front room is just perfect (especially considering the guy I’m marrying and will be sharing a front room with). The fact that each visual pun comes with a poem (there are some examples of the accompanying poem on the Kickstarter page) that explains/reveals the pun is a fun bonus. It puts me in mind of a lot of the Tomie dePaola and Michael Hague books I grew up reading. There was often a short text and a beautiful illustration to go with it, and say it’s more nurture than nature, but that’s a book style I like.

Another really attractive part of this project is that there’s clearly a plan. Hunter states that ze** has drawn 32 of the planned 48 pages and would like nothing more than audience input for those last 16 pages. I do love Kickstarters that ask for backer participation. Best kind of project. HOWEVER, if there is no backer participation, ze has said that ze enough ideas to fill over 100 pages. This is excellent and I really appreciate knowing both the preferred plan and the back-up plan.

The stretch goals are pretty simple in this project: more pages. More art. The original funding allows for a beautiful table art book, so the only logical improvements are to add more art. Each goal adds another four illustrations and poems (or eight pages).

I hope this one makes it. I’ve never backed a project that failed (although I did back one that was canceled by the creator . . . it doesn’t count) and I don’t want to ruin my record now. Thankfully, Punnies has been pretty steady in its progress and it still has about halfway to go in its funding period. I’m hopeful!

*As of posting 9/17, 12:00 Mountain Time.

**I used a gender neutral pronoun since I don’t know gender and don’t wish to assume. That’ll be a standard on this blog.

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